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·Best pro crit racers from around the world

· Original and most followed fixed gear criterium on the planet


· Most Unique Professional Bike Race on the Planet

·Monumental exposure for teams and partners

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Cycling is one of the few professional sports, which fully embraces industry partnership. Our Partners create the brand of the team.  Unique to cycling, your company will receive optimum exposure by:  Receiving premium placement on our team uniforms, all vehicles*, equipment, marketing materials and promotional items, over a season which spans 300+ days a year.  All are designed to broadcast your message and embody your company’s image.

Professional cycling has:

  • Competitive cycling has everything it needs for sporting drama:
    • Speed
    • Danger
    • Superhuman Athleticism
  • Broad multicultural and international drawing power, that goes beyond traditional demographics.
  • Worldwide media attention and provides a large, enthusiastic audience.
  • Venue for a brand to establish itself as a part of the sport and community, creating a stronger tie with customers than other forms of more 'static' advertising. 


On and off the bike we represent the growing culture of cycling, health and wellness.  We encourage people from all walks of life, whether competing or for fun, to pursue life on two wheels. We will work with you to design programs to leverage your partnership with your clients, prospects and end users, to ensure that our representation benefits your company.

Next to winning, being a good partner is what we do best. We manage our internal operations better than most of our competitors.  We are dedicated to providing every partner with a rewarding and sophisticated experience. Our objective is to align your partnership and strategic marketing priorities with our team vision.  We win because we work as a team, both on the bike and off. 



Meteor X Giordana Racing is in its first year as a professional team, combing the talents of some of the most dominant riders from fixed gear criterium and gravel racing scene, of the past 3 years. The team has a business model in which the organization plans to compete in some of the most followed events across the US and Europe, over the next 5 years. The team has methodically been building both a top-notch organization and has combined an internal management team and athletes that have worked together since 2012. After a season in which our athletes have had worldwide success, we are now pairing that with a team program to take our sport to the next level. Partners have the ability to grow with an organization that will return large marketing and promotions appeal. 



We are a grassroots team with an established fan base with whom we will actively engage with through first class social media platforms, with compelling and fresh content to keep our fans in touch with our athletes and partners.

The brand reference with the media becomes an integral part of the identification of The Team by its loyal fans. Those fans will be cheering your Brand at numerous events throughout North America and Europe, including but not limited to:

  • Brooklyn
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • London
  • Barcelona
  • Milan

These events receive significant broadcast media coverage on FloSports, Velonews, Cyclingtips, RAW Cycling Magazine, Urban Cyclist Magazine and YouTube, identifying with your brand in a positive manner. Cycling offers it fans a healthy, environmentally sound and technologically innovative sport that is result driven.



Beyond being the best racing outfit on the planet, Meteor X Giordana's sole purpose is to promote its partner's brand, product or services via the highly visible sport of professional cycling. Our cyclists will be rolling billboards representing your organization and become a well-informed, mobile branding department. Whatever, your target market is, Meteor X Giordana Racing looks forward to discussing how we can help give your brand a personal feel and how you can be an integral part of our organization.




·Multi Channel Approach

·Fan Engagement

·User Generated Content

·Competitions and Events

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