Meteor X Giordana Racing is a US-based professional bicycle racing team consisting of two American men, Colin Strickland (formerly of Intelligentsia Racing) and Michael Sheehan (formerly of Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis), who will compete in events across North America and Europe. Both riders on the team have proven success in multiple racing disciplines, including but not limited to: road race, geared criteriums, domestic and international fixed-gear criteriums, and endurance gravel.



Meteor X Giordana Racing's approach to success in 2018, will be targeting specific events in which there is a strong chance of winning with a two man squad. Our goals will focus on the Red Hook Criterium series and the growing discipline of gravel endurance racing. Additionally, the team will compete in select races as a part of the domestic road and geared criterium circuit. 



Meteor X Giordana Racing is seeking equipment partners who share our un-conventional approach to cycling and our genuine love of the sport, quest for adventure and authenticity, and of course, racing success. Our athletes have had worldwide accomplishments as professional cyclists at events that receive extensive national/local print and media exposure, and can be utilized to promote your branded products and services to a global audience. Our value to you, is proven marketing and promotions appeal. Our athletes create a human identity for your brand, allowing your customers to have a personal relationship with every achievement and triumph.